Turnip soup

By ayr February 5, 2011

I haven’t made a soup at the restaurant for a very long time. I worked hard for months under guidance from Rolando and Chris and Vincenzo, way back at the beginning. I slowly learned how to build a soup, taste a soup, finish a soup. And I used to be really good at it, but like I said, I haven’t tested myself for a long time.

If you come by Harvard Square today you’ll have a chance to try a purple top turnip soup. I started out thinking I’d do sweet potato, then saw the purple top turnips and got really excited about that. I love turnips. You won’t believe that this soup has nothing in it except vegetables and a bit of salt. It’s absolute magic how turnips, a parsnip or two, some potatoes, onions, leeks, and garlic can make such a deep flavor. Try it and let us know what you think.

On a side noteI tried to make an apple chip garnish. It didn’t work at all. I’m sure there is a way to fry apples, but I don’t know what it is. So then I tried making turnip chips, strike 2. Time to go to fry school.

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