I like your shoes: Antoria edition

By ayr February 9, 2011

You know what I’m talking about, some of you do anyway. I give a survey, you help us out, all of a sudden somebody at Clover is wearing fancy shoes. You say a secret password to the one wearing the shoes and we give you a reward.

Antoria is the latest to join the crew. We surprised her with theseshoes. I think they match her hat nicely, you? Antoria, is that a tear in your eye?

Everybody has started wearing these caps around the store. We got them for the truck employees, but offered them to other employees at cost, and now we’re sold out.

That guy putting in an order with Joy, he works for Concepts, where we bought the shoes. I’ve said it before, they’ve got something really unique going on in Harvard Square. I always enjoy stopping in at their shop.

You’ll still catch me wearing my comic book sneakers I picked up first time we ran this game.

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