Wow MA

By ayr February 10, 2011

Laughed really hard when I tried to open up the MA unemployment department (SUI) website tonight at 11:30pm. Isn’t that hilarious? That’s a website, a website, that holds limited hours.

Why was I there? Everytime I look too closely at tax rates I’m always in disbelief. Tonight I was poking around at numbers after running payroll (with ADP who we now use and lothe, another story). And I noticed our employer contribution is nearly 17% overall. Some quick numbers:

I try to pay an employee $100 for work done. Instead I pay $117 and the employee gets $78.

  • $78 goes to the employee
  • $22 is withheld from employee for various taxes
  • $17 is paid by Clover to MA and US (for the privilege of employing somebody I guess?)

That’s pretty nuts, right? I mean I’m paying out 50% more money than my employees get to put in their pockets. Wow. So I was just trying to confirm our current rate (they change it all the time) and I found that really funny message.

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