Sort of better whiteboard

By Lucia February 11, 2011

You’d think we would have learned our lesson. When you repaint the whiteboard on the side of the truck, you have to wait 24 hours before you can write on it. If you don’t, whatever you write is permanent.

Last time we repainted (November), Mary didn’t realize we had to wait, and wrote up the menu board. So the MIT whiteboard was in a time warp from November. Lots of crossing out, adding items, really annoying to read. We can’t repaint til the temperature is above 50 degrees.

Last Friday at dinner, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I started scrubbing. It’s not perfect, everything you write is pretty permanent, but at least the stuff from November is gone. That’s David, one of our dinner regulars watching the progress, he works tracking weather systems. I’m hoping he’ll give us the heads up for a repainting day above 50 degrees soon.

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