What did you think of the kids menu?

By Lucia February 13, 2011

Here’s someone who’s helping us with our kids menu. She came to Harvard yesterday with her family for kids day and made a Valentine.

I was complimenting her on how she was wearing a lot of pink for Valentines Day, and she reminded me that she was wearing a lot of other colors too, then she pointed to the tomatoes Mike was slicing up for lunch, and screamed “I’m wearing red too! Like the tomatoes in your kitchen!” Pretty adorable.

As some of you know, the kids menu is really new (1-2 months) and we’re still working on making it something that kids will enjoy. So we’re asking for lots of feedback. This little girl and her parents gave us really good feedback on the peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich, so I asked if we could put her picture up.

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