Mayor Menino and BLTs

By ayr February 15, 2011

I was invited to a press event this past Saturday. First time I’d been at one of these things. Mayor Menino was getting together with the Mayor from Newton to discuss cuts to Community Development Block Grants, a federal program with the absolutely tongue twisting acronym: CDBG. It was really pretty interesting.

I don’t know if somebody else pulled out late, or how exactly I found myself invited. But I was the “small business owner” alongside an elderly lady who received assistance, a teen ager working on her GED, and a city housing contractor. I’m not very political, and honestly had never heard about CDBG. But without question we benefited from this program, having received a loan from the city last year to get our Dewey truck on the road. So I was happy to help out.

I’ll admit, my favorite part had nothing to do with loans or agencies, but rather food. Before we got started, and forabout 10 minutes, the Mayor talked about the BLT. His story sounded a little different from mine, but was a lot of fun to hear first hand. He’s got a lightness and what seems to be a great sense of humor. We’re thrilled the Mayor is so happy with our BLT and can’t wait to see him at the truck soon.

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