Truck #3

By Vincenzo February 15, 2011

Here it is folks, truck #3. That’s Troy, he drove 16 hrs from Indiana, and after all that, look how clean the truck arrived, awesome. Meg & I (and Bella, our Boston terrier) drove an hour southwest of Boston to meet Troy. Once the truck pulled up I couldn’t wait to give it a spin, it drove great and the breaks were on point.

A couple things are different about the third truck. One, we’re getting a diesel generator installed. The generator and truck will share one diesel tank, which means only one fuel to fill for both. Remember when I put unleaded in the DWY truck? This will keep that from ever happening again.

Once the generator is installed we can start the build-out. Stay tuned to see where it will be parked. Oh, and Troy loved our dog, he told Meg a story about when he was 8 and he painted his grandma’s Boston terrier orange.

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