Compost keeper

By ayr February 16, 2011

As with most pictures of Chris this one is a little fuzzy. If you haven’t met him, Chris is the one running Harvard Square. The only reason I have it is that I took it on his camera phone, which I don’t think he was expecting. It’s becoming a bit of a game at Clover: who can capture Chris.

So what’s going on here? If you put on your de-fuzzifying glasses you’ll see that Chris is holding an envelope addressed to “Compost Keeper, Clover Food Lab, 7 Holyoke St.” That’s really funny. We’re working to bring compost and recycling to the Holyoke Center, the building in which we are housed. Currently they have neither, and we’re trying to rally other restaurants etc. to make this happen. The letter was from the “trash guy” at Harvard. I think we’re making progress.

Some of you might know that we’re moving to 100% compostable packaging. It’s been a long journey (2 years) that started on day one with composting in the kitchen, something nobody in this industry does for some reason. When we opened the restaurantat Harvard Square we were really happy to move to 100% compostable products for customers. It achieves a few goals: (a) we break this nasty cycle that tears nutrients out of our soil, and ends up in landfill (some people estimate as much as 40% of landfill is food-related). Once in the landfill those nutrients are never going back into the food cycle. (b) We get to avoid, 100%, the multi-trashcan thing that I find really confusing. Is it just me, or do other people struggle with a battery of trash cans with instructions as to what goes where?

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