Fancy dinner

By ayr February 18, 2011

I accidentally started this tradition where we go out to fancy restaurants when employees get promotions. It’s sort of funny, because those who know me know I’m not much into fine dinning. It first started when I convinced Rolando to come work for me. Then we started at Craigie when Chris was first brought on. Then Leah (also at Craigie). Then Brian Crumb, who used to work at Craigie as GM, so we had to go somewhere else. Now we sort of move it around, trying a different place everytime.

Vincenzo was at Bergamont. And most recently we took Mary out. Here you see Rolando and Mary. We were at Radius, which was fancier than most in a funny way. It’s winter, and we’re dressed for the trucks, so we sort of stuck out. I was even worse than these guys, full on winter truck clothes. Oh well. They let us in anyway, and we spent too much, and had a great time.

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