If our bathrooms ever look like this please email us

By ayr February 18, 2011

This is the bathroom at a location of the most successful fast food company in the country right now (no, it’s not us).

You might be wondering what is wrong with me. I think this is the 5th post on bathroom cleanliness. But since the early days of designing the restaurant this has been a concern for me. I want to make sure our bathrooms are always shining. I can’t stand dirty bathrooms. But it’s really hard. One customer can turn a clean bathroom dirty, and you don’t want to be dropping in to check after every customer walks out. We check every 30 minutes, but I’m always afraid that’s not enough.

You’ll notice starting today an email address on the inside of the bathroom doors. If you see something that needs attention, drop us a line. We’ll appreciate it as will your fellow customers.

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