By ayr February 20, 2011

Joy joined us right around the open of the Harvard Square restaurant. She started as everybody did, worked as a supervisor, and just this past week we promoted her to Assistant Manager in training of the MIT truck. She hasn’t been on the trucks since her interview the first day, but I think she’ll love them as much as I do.

Joy grew up on the West Coast, and makes us all (or at least me) a little jealous when she talks about living in Fairbanks Alaska.¬†She’s been in Cambridge for a while now and has more experience than most people we hire. She surprised us by coming in early to make sure she had overlap with the previous shift supervisor. She wanted to make sure she knew exactly what was going on and what had to be done.

Everyone is enjoying getting to know Joy, and enjoying her sense of humor. I expect we have a lot we’re going to learn from her. Happy to have you on the team Joy.

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