Barrington Coffee

By ayr February 22, 2011

When I go out to the Berkshires for lumber I usually stop to say hi to Barth, who runs Barrington Coffee. We talked a bit about the huge price increases coffee is facing which is a pretty big deal for the industry. Folgers is even going to increase their prices. (Total aside: what do you think of serving Folgers someday at the restaurant? I haven’t tasted it forever and think it could be fun. It would cost less of course.)

We also tasted some coffees, including a coffee from this place called La Minita that I think is really tasty. We’re going to feature it in a week or two.

And we discussed grinders for the trucks. I’ve been worried that the truck coffee quality isn’t as high as I’d like for it to be. So we’re thinking about what we can do to fix that. Hot water and grinders (there isn’t much more to it). We’re looking at trying Ditting grinders (like what we have in the restaurant) or the less expensive Bunn grinder. I ordered a Bunn G1 on the spot. Looking forward to trying it out in a week or so.

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