Crowded burners

By Lucia February 24, 2011

The burners and prep tables have been pretty crowded at Harvard. This morning Rolando was mapping out a schedule. Every item we make, from pear compote to hummus to sweet potatoes, has a time that it should take to make (like 8-8:30am) and a location (range or prep table #1 or #2). Rolando’s using a whiteboard for this. Elmer said, why aren’t you marking the lines in permanent marker? Like most things here, this schedule is going to go through a lot of changes, so it can’t be written in permanent marker just yet.

Back when we shared a commissary in JP with a bunch of other businesses, this was part of the game. We had to sign up for prep tables and ovens, and dishwashing sinks. I wasn’t always the tightest prepper. I tended to spread out over a couple tables, but I was always scared of annoying Deborah, the woman who made jam out of the same kitchen, so I got better at keeping things on my own station.

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