By Lucia February 24, 2011

LJ’s first day of work at Clover was a snowy day (last year) so that lets you know that his introduction has been a long time coming. LJ was the go-to fry guy on the MIT truck last summer. There was one day last summer, one of the hottest ever, Ayr wanted to get everyone a little treat, so he took LJ in the Mini to Toscanini’s to pick up some ice cream. I’ll never forget how sweaty he was when he got off the truck (think he and Brian Crum had a wet T-shirt contest that day).

LJ just finished school (full ride at Emerson) so he’s working for Clover full time, right now it’s mornings at Harvard but he might be getting back on the trucks soon.

Here he is pouring coffee and telling me about the $3 pulled pork sandwich he ate a cinderblock restaurant down in North Carolina last week. LJ loves to cook (especially Southern food) and he loves to talk, so say hi next time you’re by the restaurant or the Dewey truck.

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