Tearing up Clover

By ayr February 28, 2011

You all witness (and are incredibly patient) with the daily change at Clover. I was talking to a long time MIT customer the other day Leta, and met her 2 year old son who she was carrying when she first started eating with us. There has been massive change since she first knew us.

Some changes are less visible. Like how the trucks are being supplied. Friday we started the 7th or 8th iteration in this process, the third in 6 weeks.

Enzo, the manager of the MIT truck (formerly of the Dewey Truck) is leading up the effort. We decided we wanted toeliminate JP, the commissary we grew up in. Mostly because it was expensive. So we tackled this massive puzzle: how do you optimize the trips for 2 mobile restaurants and a resupply van between a bunch of locations (propane fill, MIT, DWY, JP, Harvard Square restaurant). We did our best. But of course we got it wrong.

So we tried again. Wrong again. Now we’re on round 3, and I think it’s coming together. We’re making everybody’s jobs easier, decreasing hours worked, serving better food, and running cleaner trucks.

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