Menu screen, v.2

By ayr March 1, 2011

I’ve been working really hard to get the second menu screen up. The first has been working much better than we expected:

  • Customers don’t seem to look at it as a TV – some even asked “how to you write on there” thinking it was a back-lit board
  • The serve times next to the items are SUPER useful – not just for customers, managers now have a new tool to troubleshoot the operations
  • The board isn’t too buggy or clumsy to change – it took a few iterations, but we worked most of it out. The major remaining issue is that the date doesn’t always update (check the upper right corner)

But, the last one was a total pain to build, and if you look closely, it’s not really finished properly. Screen #2 was my chance to fix those mistakes. Then I screwed up. I cut the control wire BEFORE switching the “source” button on the screen. What does that mean? About a 3 hour mess trying to solder tiny tiny little electronics back together so that I can tell the screen we want it to look at the HDMI plug. Uhgg. I wont do that again.

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