2 trucks at food summit

By Lucia March 2, 2011

Here’s the MIT truck looking at the Dewey truck, both serving lunch. We’ve never done this before. Saturday we took both trucks, and most of both truck staffs to the Food Summit at Northeastern U. Rolando had met these folks a while back and we were really happy to do the food.

We served 600 people (mostly young students learning about food, some people just passing by) in about 2 hours for lunch. We’ll have to get Enzo to write a post about how he pulled off the logistics of 2 trucks serving simultaneously.

I was outside the whole time with Rolando taking orders. Antoria and LJ were order-taking from the other truck. For anyone who knows me, I love talking about our food. This was like the Olympics of talking

about our food. Most of the 600 people had never eaten with us before, and our menu board is really vague, so there was a lot of explaining. It was really fun, some people waited longer for their food than if it had been a normal lunch,  but hopefully we made some new friends.

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