Our A-frame needs a permit?

By Chris March 14, 2011

At Harvard the only thing telling you where we are and that we are open is a gigantic A-frame on the sidewalk. We love the size of this thing. If anything, it just stops people dead in their tracks because they have never seen anything like it.

Last week a city worker came in and told us that we have to have a permit to put an A-frame outside. This is pretty funny, it seems like just another way to squeeze $75 out of a small business. It reminded me of the dairy license we had to get to have milk and cheese in the restaurant. The application for this was a post card with our name and address on it attached to a check for $10. I got a good laugh out of that one.

For the A-frame, we had to fill out an application, attach a picture with dimensions and a check to submit before a board to get approved. This whole process takes 2-3 weeks. So, the temporary fix for the A-frame, we just moved it up against the building. This part of the sidewalk isn’t owned by Harvard. It’s not our ideal location, but it will do until we get our permit.

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