Barrington Yirgacheffe (that means coffee)

By rolando March 18, 2011

You might not be used to seeing 2 silver bags at Clover. Barrington roasts our favorite Panamanian Casa Ruiz. But they also do some fantastic other coffees, based on the same types of long-term relationships with growers. We’re going to start featuring other Barrington coffees more often.

This one today is a Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. You might not have heard of that before. I didn’t until recently. But it’s sort of fun to say, isn’t it? Yirgacheffe.

Yirgacheffe is the homeland of the most common coffee bean, the Arabica variety.  Some think the first coffee was drunk on the eastern hills of Ethiopia. Buckle in, Yirgacheffe’s can be pretty surprising when you taste them.  They can smell like fruit and berries and taste sour, like a lemon.

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