$3,000 and 3,000 miles

By ayr March 20, 2011

I know you will not believe me, but the only truck in the entire country that fits our requirements is in LA. Or at least it was. There are some strange supply things going on, but I wont go into that. Last year I chose from 40 trucks. This year there’s 1 and it was in LA. And we need it in Boston by Tuesday or we can’t get the generator we need installed.

So instead of paying a moving service to take care of this we decided to give some money to people we already know. Enter Sandy (DWY) and Hunter (MIT). I called these guys Thursday evening and pitched the idea. In less than 24 hours they were sending me a picture of this beauty they just picked up.

Now the adventure. I told them they needed to get back by Tuesday, but I didn’t care how they did it. They could choose how much money they wanted to spend. I’m paying them a flat rate for the job. They get to keep everything left over. We’ll post the adventures here. (Vegas was the first stop.)

How would you make the trip? Any advice for our travelers?

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