Monster fry cutter

By Chris March 21, 2011

If you’ve eaten with us you might know that we hand cut our potatoes to make french fries. In the restaurant, we decided to upgrade our fry cutter to the “Nemco monster fry kutter 56450-1”. Yep, that’s the real name. This potato cutter is pretty impressive. You can get some serious leverage on the handle, so cutting fries is really easy.  It creates so much leverage that it was hanging halfway off the wall in a couple of weeks, taking the stainless steel back splash with it.

CAFCO came back and reinstalled it with 6 toggle anchors rated at a hundred pounds a piece.  I thought we could do pull ups from this thing, but 2 weeks later it was hanging off of the wall again.

CAFCO was great.  They came back again at 4am (so it would be ready for lunch that day), took the stainless steal back splash off, cut a hole in the wall and reinforced the wall with additional studs. The fry cutter hasn’t moved an inch since.

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