By ayr March 24, 2011

This is Hat. I don’t know if there is anybody we’d rather clone. Everybody’s so happy to see her every time she shows up.

See those two pictures? That’s typical Hat. And see how the second one is a little blurry? She moves very fast. All the time.

Hat came on with me the first summer of Clover, back in 2009. I hired her when breakfasts were starting to pick up and I couldn’t run them alone. Yeah, I said alone. She would come in at 8am (I’d be serving breakfast at 7am back in those days). She would squeeze the lemons. Then move on to making the tomato and cucumber salad that we put on the Chickpea fritter and the Egg and eggplant. She got faster and faster to the point that nobody could keep up.

Hat went back to school that fall (2009), but would work with us when she could. She graduated the following spring from Dartmouth College and worked at Clover summer 2010 alongside a few other jobs. We were all so happy to learn she got into grad school at Tufts, because, if it’s not obvious, we love working with Hat. So we’ve convinced her to come work at the restaurant a few days a week.

I got to know Hat very well when we worked together. She has tons of stories. Her family is from Thailand, and she grew up in Florida. Her mother can see the future. Isn’t that fascinating?

If you’d like to get to know Hat and the rest of the crew better and need a job shoot us a note: careers@cloverfastfood.com, or come on in and say hi. We’re hiring like crazy right now, many roles.

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