Syrup Posters

By Lucia March 25, 2011

We’re doing maple syrup brunch again this weekend. Round 3. Saturday and Sunday, 3/26 and 3/27 at 7 Holyoke. I’ve been putting up posters this morning. For those of you who know us, we don’t advertise or seek out press, but we love posters (if you’re a MIT student you might have seen some in the infinite corridor).

The first time we did brunch we put up a bunch of posters all around Harvard Square, a couple hours later they were gone. I have a feeling this one by the Harvard T Station will be taken down soon, but it’s kind of fun while it lasts.

As I was putting it up, someone came up to me, and we started talking about maple syrup. Turns out he has some red maple trees (not sugar maples) in his yard, I think I convinced him to see if he can tap them. If you’re by brunch this weekend, we’ll have some syrup of our own, from South Face Farm in Western MA.

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