By Lucia March 28, 2011

Ayr posted about Hat, one of our first employees. Here’s Sara, one of our newest employees. Sara started this winter, she became the go-to coffee pourer at Harvard Square. She goes to culinary school (baking) in the mornings, and works evenings with us at the MIT truck. Sara’s one of those people that puts you at ease, whether she’s pulling out the heavy floor mats to mop the floor at the end of the night, learning how to make perfect buttermilk pancakes at brunch, or pouring coffee for the regulars who work at the MIT List Center.

Sara grew up in Southern California, but not the Southern California you’re used to hearing about. Sara’s family raises horses and cows, and grows a ton of their own food. Before she came to Clover, Sara was teaching English in Korea, she’s got a ton of fun stories about that, ask her about coffee in Korea next time you’re by the truck.

By the way, we’re hiring, so if you think you can beat Sara at coffee-pouring or if you want to take a stab at pancakes or mopping the truck, stop by and say hi, or email

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