Driving the Trucks

By mary March 31, 2011

This is Mary. It’s my first post. I run the DWY truck. This is the form you have to fill out when you apply for your learner’s permit in Massachusetts. A few weeks ago I mustered up the courage to make the trip to the RMV.

When the holiday break came around there was some confusion about exactly what dates the trucks would be closed. Matt made plans early on to leave Boston and I realized I didn’t have anyone to drive the truck to Dewey in the am (I’d had my license once but I let it expire when I was in college). I had to ask a few favors and things worked out (thanks Vincenzo and LJ), but this really drove home the fact that I absolutely need to be able to drive the trucks.

The RMV has a stigma around it (it’s stressful, long waits, etc), but someone recommended I go to the RMV in Watertown. I was in and out in less than an hour. Now I just have to pass my road test. When I’m not at the truck I’ll be on the road practicing. So, cross your fingers for me and watch out for me driving the trucks or the re-supply van.

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