ZIP it up

By Vincenzo April 2, 2011

Enzo here. I always try to fix something myself before getting outside help. It’s cheaper that way. Sometime this works out. Sometimes I need help (like from Paul, who came the other night to jump our dead battery, but THAT’s another post). But sometimes all you need is a zip tie.

The fittings in the PVC pipes on the sinks of the MIT truck were loose and needed attention. One key item that has recently been able to fix a lot of our problems are zip ties. They are cheap, easy, and mindless to use. We replaced the PVC piping and secured it to the bottom of the sink with 4 zip ties. What cost $3.50 to fix ourselves would have cost $200-$300 from a certified plumber. I know because we paid them to fix exactly this problem and here we are dealing with it again.

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