Hot drink nutritionals

By Chris April 3, 2011

Finally…… More nutritional info!!!  I know I know…. I  have really been slacking on posting nutritional information and its 100% my fault.  We were off to a good start last year posting a few of our sandwiches; chickpea fritter, egg & eggplant, BBQ seitan and the soy BLT, but I got distracted opening up our first restaurant in HSQ.

Many people have also requested the amount of sodium in our menu items.  This is a tough one for us.  We prep our food on a daily basis and no two batches of soup, hummus or salads contain the same amount of salt.  These items are all seasoned “to taste”.  One day specific menu item might contain more salt on day than the next.

The next few post I’m going to be focusing on are our hot and cold drinks.  We’ll let you know how they are made and what is in them!

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