GOV is official, 1 week later

By ayr April 12, 2011

Those of you who’ve been with us for a while may recognize a pattern: we arrived unannounced at MIT our first day. We returned just as quietly. On the Greenway we slipped in and started serving without any real announcement. The Harvard Square opening got a mention in dry-erase marker on the side of the truck, less than 24 hours before we opened out doors. And now Government Center. We didn’t really tell you it was coming, did we. And now I’m finally posting the details on our 1-week mark.

I could claim we are shy, that it has to do with our New England roots. And that may be partly true. But just as true is the fact that we’re up late the night before and never quite sure we’re going to pull off our opening day. We’re pretty aggressive on our deadlines (the Harvard Square restaurant was built in 6 weeks flat, from first hammer to CV being issued, the first truck in 4 weeks, from idea to serving sandwiches). So far we haven’t missed them, but we don’t want to jinx ourselves with a giant build-up, you know?

Anyway, Government Center (GOV) is now open for business. We’re going to start with:

8am – 3pm


We’re parked on a plaza on City Hall. If you get out of Government Center T-stop look toward Fanieul Hall and you might see our friendly white truck beckoning.

Oh, and we’d love to open earlier, say 7am. But our employees can’t get there in time because the MBTA doesn’t start operating early enough. So if any of our new government customers have any influence on the MBTA schedule, and would like to see an earlier operation, we wouldn’t complain about an earlier first train on the subway. We’re sure there are many other businesses that would appreciate such a change. But we don’t mind if you name the action after us: the Clover Early Train has a nice ring to it, no?

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