Beer update

By Chris April 13, 2011

Here is a picture that I sent over to Justin at Kegworks. He helped me figure out the exact size beer line, gas line and coupler that we need to start serving beer in the restaurant. We did some custom modifications to this true unit so we could use it to serve two beers and soda water for our sodas that we make here.

The small line mounted to the back wall is where the beer gas comes in from the tank.  We will run two additional lines off of this to each keg.  The slightly darker line on the left is drain water, the black line next to that brings in soda water to the top of the unit to a tap dispenser that we installed ourselves. The white slinky line to the right is where the cold air comes in from the compressor.  It travels all the way up and comes out at the top of the beer tap (still inside the cooler) and than falls back into the refrigerator.  I think this is pretty cool, because this means that the coldest part in the refrigerator is that last part of the beer line before it comes out of the tap into a glass.

The metal line next to that is where we will be hooking the beer line to.  This will connect the keg and the tap together. Can’t wait for the beer, can you tell?

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