By Lucia April 14, 2011

See that blur? That’s actually a pretty appropriate picture for Sandy. Here he is unloading these heavy 22-quart Cambros from the MIT truck onto the DWY truck to take back to Harvard. Sandy grew up in Rhode Island (Texas father), went to school in Vermont and worked at Magic Hat Brewery, and spent the summer down south supervising guys building a hotel. He started at the MIT truck this fall, and so far, has been helping us with two super important things:

1) He’s supervising the PM shift at the DWY truck. He’s got a really unique sense of humor and a great attitude, so if you’ve eaten dinners at DWY or seen the tweets from @cloverdwy you’ve probably come across Sandy.

2) Along with Mitch and a few others, Sandy has taken responsibility for unloading the 3 trucks, re-loading, packing dishes, packing food, making sure every truck gets finished, unpacked, and reloaded at the right time. His life is one of third pans, Cambros, logistics, degreaser, operations. His role is really important to letting us get you food fast. If you ever want to know how to fit a fry basket inside a plastic container inside a bigger plastic container, and fit four of those plastic containers into a Transit van, Sandy is the one to ask : )

Oh, and we’re still hiring. So if you want to learn from Sandy or any of the rest of us, send an email to careers@cloverfastfood, or stop by one of the trucks or restaurant.

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