Eddie, Jr.

By Vincenzo April 15, 2011

This goes back to July when Antoria (Clover’s order taker trainer royale) said she has a cousin that needed a job, and like everyone we gave Eddie a working interview. If you don’t know, our interviews are a little different, it’s a working interview so we can see if we like them, and if they like us. Eddie had no previous restaurant experience but we decided to give him a shot, what an amazing pick he is now.

Eddie was born and raised in North Carolina, and admits to the Boston lifestyle being much faster. He’s got a great attitude and he’s also an amazing video gamer (like, he goes to conferences for this stuff). Eddie started at the MIT truck, got trained up on all the stations, rocked the detailing of the outside of the trucks, and now he’s learning how to make soups on the Government Center truck (big role). On his first day making soups, he brought us a quart from GOV to MIT. He wanted me to taste his borscht.

True story about Eddie, Hunter asked Eddie to make him a wrap one time (a sandwich wrap), and Eddie responded,  “I don’t make raps….STRICTLY BEATS.” Now that’s a bit of a running joke on the truck. If you’re by the Government Center truck, say hi to Eddie, ask him about his beats and his soup. And if you want to learn how to make soup (or wraps) at Clover, we’re hiring. Send us an email, careers@cloverfastfood.com.

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