Meet the GOV crew

By ayr April 15, 2011

Yeah, GOV is the new kid in town. And we’ve assembled a new team to build the latest Clover. That’s Megan on the far right. She’s training to manage this location and doing an amazing job already. That’s LJ next to Megan, he’s the veteran of the group. You can find posts about LJ by searching his name on the website. LJ studies film and makes us all laugh at his puns.

Bridget in the middle is our newest certified order taker. She’s working on being a bit more outgoing and open to strangers, help her out if you stop by. That’s Krista hiding in the back. Krista is relatively new but seems to know everything already.

Finally that’s Eddie. We’re joking about calling the left side of the truck “Eddie’s kitchen” and re-naming our soups “from Eddie’s kitchen.” Eddie has been learning to make soups. That’s one of the toughest jobs to master. Tell him if you like what he’s doing.

We’re all super excited to be in the neighborhood. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

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