The great bread disaster

By ayr April 17, 2011

The other day we had the largest Clover disaster since I had an accident. Well, there was that time Enzo confused gasoline for diesel. Anyway, this one ranks up there, and in some ways is more painful because it’s pure waste and entirely our fault.

We made some mistakes in how the bread was managed. The result: mold. We ended up throwing away hundreds of pieces of our delicious bread. Uhgg. It was really sad. This whole trash can is full of moldy bread.

Chris came to the rescue and ran out to get new bread. So those of you eating with us that day wouldn’t have even known that we were all crying that morning as we filled trash cans with bread.

Lesson: everybody needs to know proper protocol for the bread, how to manage first-in first-out, and the proper conditions to avoid a moldy future.

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