Matt’s wood roasted

By ayr April 18, 2011

OK, we’ve stepped astray of our “don’t sell it until we’ve visited it” policy with coffee. Rolando and I have not yet visited Matt. We’ve meant to, but things have been too busy. But we can’t wait to get up to Maine to see the operation. Stay tuned.

In the meantime we’re thrilled to have some of Matt’s coffees this week. We just opened this one today. Come by and tell us what you think. Matt’s roasts using wood. I don’t know of anybody else who does that. It’s really unique, and he’s focused on the stuff you expect from us: beans from a particular farm (not country or other blends), well balanced roasts that can work without cream and sugar (not that we have anything against those friends).

Looking forward to a visit to Maine. In the meantime enjoy these beans.

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