Mopping the deck

By ayr April 19, 2011

One of my neighbors came by today. He said, “Ayr, you know you’re the boss, right?”

We take cleaning seriously. That means you’ll see me doing stuff like this. You’ll see Rolando on his hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. Mary, Enzo, and Megan all polish their trucks. And you’ll see Chris giving the fryers a clean. It also means the guy in the dishroom might be the highest paid hourly employee.

I have interviewees that role their eyes when I hand them a mop. But for us it’s not a job to look down on. This is what we do. We work to feed you all and a part of that means cleaning up after yourself. It’s part of the job. When I used to train folks in the kitchen I’d break it down this way: 1/3 or your time is set-up, 1/3 of your time is working, and 1/3 is clean-up. That’s what it looks like if you’re doing the job right.

If you don’t mind working a mop we’re hiring for all roles. email:

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