Resupply List

By Lucia April 21, 2011

If you know Enzo you know he loves lists. This may be a sort of boring post to most of you but it might be my favorite list.

Halfway through the day we get a visit from the Clover resupply van. Zach or Mitch or Rolando pulls up behind the truck, we hand out our dirty dishes and they hand us a resupply of food so we can continue to serve food through dinner. The problem is we have to text these guys what we are running low on no later than 12:45, if you’ve been by the truck at 12:45 you know it’s not the calmest time. It’s resulted in a lot of confusion, and at least once, I’ve forgotten to ask for bread (!) on the resupply.

Enzo came Friday with version 1 of the list, version 2 is even better (organized back to front based on where every ingredient is on the truck). It’s laminated so we mark what we need with an Expo marker, take a picture, and text the picture to the kitchen. We’re hoping it works better than the old system.

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