Last item to pass

By Vincenzo April 25, 2011

I was assigned to get the new GOV truck inspected by the Health/ Fire Department.

This is the 3-bay sink on the GOV truck. During above-freezing weather, we drain liquid waste (brine from pickled veg, coffee drippings, etc) down these pipes.

At the inspection, all we were missing was a splash guard for the sink. The idea of the¬†splash guard doesn’t really make sense for us. It is so that when we drain liquid waste down one of the sinks, it doesn’t contaminate the food that would be prepped or stored in the sinks. We don’t prep or store food in the sinks, but we had to make a fix anyway. Went in again and after a 2-minute walk around we got a stamp of approval. All l I needed was 3 bent peices of stainless steel.

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