“I’m the brewer” – Jon

By ayr April 27, 2011

Jon brews Peak Organic. He’s a friend I’m lucky to have known for a while. Jon and I went to business school at Harvard together. It’s funny, when Rolando and I were touring his brewing operation last fall I asked who his brewer is. Guess I just assumed he was more MBA and hired somebody to figure that out for him. His answer surprised me at the time: “me.”

If you stop by the restaurant today at 6pm you’ll get to meet Jon, and get a better picture of him. We’re serving his IPA for the next few weeks. The tap went in yesterday and we tasted the beer and it’s awesome.

How did it come to be that 6 years later Jon is going to be serving a beer he made alongside food at our restaurant? Back then Clover wasn’t even a dream for me, but for Jon, Peak was the whole reason he put together an application to business school. He had a dream of changing the beer industry on bottle at a time, working with local farmers, helping them get certified organic, and making great beer. He’s done a heck of a job, and it’s a ton of fun for me to become one of his customers.

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