How do you say parsnip in Italian?

By Lucia April 29, 2011

Wednesday nights I take an Italian class. I race over there after helping close the MIT truck. Turns out there are a bunch of customers in my class. Carlo (Charlie) is a DWY customer, Davide (Dave) and Bonnie come to the MIT truck all the time. And Meredith and Franco come to HSQ. Anyway, the class is one where you aren’t allowed to speak English, just Italian. The other night, Carlo asked me, in Italian, if there is anything new coming up on the Clover menu. So we had to learn the words for parsnip and rhubarb.

Okay, I think my class might be getting sick of learning words for fruits and vegetables because of me, but you can see on my notes that this turned into a lesson about how to talk about things in the present versus in the future. Parnsip (now), Rhubarb (soon).

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