Postcards from Sandy and Hunter: #12: Truck interior

By Lucia May 1, 2011

We saved the interior of the truck for the last posts. Check out that wood paneling!

The last stop on our trip was Brooklyn, to pick up the next week’s worth of pita bread for Clover (hey, we were on the road anyway so it made sense). What are those cases in front of the pitas? In Cincinatti, Hunter’s mom was so glad to see him. He hadn’t been home since last summer. She was really worried we weren’t taking care of ourselves or staying hydrated. She rushed off to Costco and bought us 2 cases of water and Gatorade. We tried to tell her that we only had a day of driving left, but she wouldn’t hear it. So here we are with these giant cases of drinks as we’re pulling back into Boston.

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