Can you park like that?

By Vincenzo May 3, 2011

Thursday afternoon some of you might have come by to find no truck, and a note on the whiteboard saying we had a date with the fire inspector. It was that time of the year to re-inspect our truck at the fire department in Cambridge. This was by far the fastest and smoothest inspection I’ve ever been a part of, Sara and I drove up and the fire chief inspected our propane tank, fire extinguisher, and Ansel system. We needed a few up-to-date documents (truck registration, drivers license, and a $50 check) and we were done.

Something I learned: not only do firefighters put out fires, they need to park their 40-feet trucks in reverse with about 1 foot clearance on each side. If you think you can drive/park like this, stop by and say hi. We’re hiring. Driver’s license is a plus.

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