City Farm Fest with Food Project

By Lucia May 8, 2011

Some of you may have noticed the trucks in unexpected places around town. We’ve been pulling them up to a few events.

Yesterday we went to Dorchester to serve at the Food Project City Farm Fest. It was so fun. These guys give jobs to kids and adults and teach them how to grow food. Vincenzo, Emily (awesome new hire), Sara, Matt (another awesome new hire) and I drove the truck down a tiny residential road to a huge greenhouse in between two houses. A bunch of high school students were selling seedlings they had started in this greenhouse (eggplant, tomatoes, etc) to folks from the neighborhood.

Phil, one of the kids who works for the Food Project took me into the greenhouse, it was full of a crazy amount of tomato plants, I’ve got a picture for a future post. We packed everything up just as the rain started and drove to MIT for another event (FAST Light, if you’re on campus you’ve seen all the crazy light installations everywhere).

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