Roast and hold

By Lucia May 11, 2011

Anyone know what the red button in the middle of our oven does?

You can ask Julie or me next time you’re by, we can give you a great lesson. Friday was Julie’s first day opening the MIT truck by herself. I was there too. Now, neither of us are new Clover employees. I’ve been on the trucks for over 1.5 years. Julie started opening the Dewey truck this summer, spent a couple months as a supervisor in the restaurant.

We started up the oven, and it just wasn’t getting hot. We stuck a thermometer in, and it kept hovering around 160 degrees. We keep the oven at 375 -400 degrees. We’d had some problems with the generator that morning, so we were really worried that for some reason, the oven wasn’t getting enough power to it. It was taking 10 minutes to heat up pitas for breakfast sandwiches.

This was Enzo’s only day off for the week. He came in and introduced us to this little red button. This is the “roast and hold” button, you can use it if you’re going to roast a piece of meat, then keep it warm, at a temperature like 160 degrees. For some reason, it had gotten pressed, so it was being kept at a constant (low) temperature. If you were by when this happened and got some pita that wasn’t hot enough, mention it to us next time you’re by, we’ll make it up to you.

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