Finally proud of whiteboard

By Lucia May 13, 2011

If you’ve been by MIT in the past few weeks, you might have noticed the whiteboard. We used to use a paint that tended to oxidize in the sun and needed repainting every 2-3 months. We’re trying something new this time, we don’t know if it’ll be any better. Enzo went through a couple different steps (including sanding down the board) and put on a coat of a really expensive paint that turns anything into a whiteboard (Idea Paint). Luckily, Enzo isn’t afraid of heights (although Ayr actually had a more courageous solution for writing the Clover logo, maybe we can find a picture of that…)

The whiteboard looked awful over the winter, which wasn’t fun for any of us, because our whiteboards are actually really important for what we’re trying to do. Our menu changes pretty significantly all the time so we need a board that allows us to quickly re-write, mark an item “out,” or add something we’ve just made up. Hopefully this new paint will let us write, wipe clean, and re-write the whole menu every day, just in time for salads, agua frescas, and a bunch of other fun stuff.

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