Julie meets Julie (and some generators)

By Lucia May 13, 2011

I’ve been wanting to write a post about Julie, but I could never get her to be still enough for me to snap a picture. Julie is our second Lutz. She used to visit her brother, Mark, at the Dewey truck this summer when Enzo was running it. She was working at Starbucks. Enzo saw the opportunity to poach, and he convinced her to interview. Julie grew up just outside of the city (Canton), she’s the only girl in a family of 4 (?) kids, and she’s got one of the best smiles at Clover.

Julie’s training to help run the MIT truck, and she’s doing an awesome job. She’s obsessed with fast times (she credits this to the time she spent at the restaurant w/Chris). On her first day at MIT,  I don’t think anyone was waiting longer than 3 minutes for food! Today I finally got two perfect pictures of Julie. So you get two. Julie filling up the external generators with gas. And Julie meeting Julie.

Julie (the customer) is sort of Clover’s adopted grandmother. She stopped by today for fries, so we introduced the 2 Julies. Oh, and we’re still hiring. So if you want to meet either Julie, send us an email: careers@cloverfastfood.com

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