This is Mark speaking Spanish

By Lucia May 13, 2011

It’s time to introduce all the Clover siblings. We’ve got quite a history of employees roping in family members. Teasel told me she worked with Ayr on the MIT truck when it was just him. I talked my sister into working a couple lunch rushes when she was on summer vacation from college, I think we freaked out a few customers because we look so similar. Antoria is the queen of getting family involved in Clover, and has brought in some people as wonderful as she is.

Mark and Julie are big parts of Clover. The other week, I was working with Mark at MIT. A visiting professor from Spain came by and started speaking to me in Spanish. I called Mark over, and they chatted for a while. For those of you who don’t know Mark, he studies international relations, loves to travel (ask him about Cambodian street food) and is learning Spanish. Right now his vocab is great, but he’s still working on the accent : )

Mark loves food. He has been a line cook in great restaurants all over town, so he knows all about the rhythms of working the line. The first thing he ever cooked was Mulligatawny soup (found it in one of his mom’s cookbooks). He’s starting at the restaurant this week, say “hola” if you’re by.

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