Ian’s parsnip fritters

By Lucia May 14, 2011

We’re doing parnsip fritters right now. If you didn’t notice, we love parsnips at Clover. They’re the first vegetable to come up out of the ground in the spring in New England, and they actually taste sweeter after a winter underground. We grate them up raw, then put them in a batter and fry it up, toss it with some cinnamon and sugar. We’re running these as our 3pm special for the time being.

This is Ian. Ian and Leah come almost every day for lunch, and Thursday we promised we would save them some parsnip fritters when they came back around 5:30pm. We totally forgot, then ran out of fritter batter before they came. Sara and I felt truly awful, so we were really happy when Ian got his parsnip fritters yesterday.

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