While I was away

By ayr May 19, 2011

There’s a post ahead of this one right now about Violet. I’ve been away for 2 weeks (mostly). So what am I coming back to?

Busy busy. Lines have been growing and growing. And that’s sort of a good thing. We’re thrilled to feed so many of you. But we don’t love lines. If everything is operating perfectly there would be no lines. But you all know we’re not very close to perfect.

It’s really tough for me to be away. We have an incredible management team, and the trucks and restaurant didn’t miss a beat while I was gone. But you have to remember it was only a year ago that we had one truck, and I was opening and closing the trucks myself. Everything about this business is so deeply connected to who I am now it’s just difficult to be away. But it’s good for all of us. Good for me to spend time with my kiddos and good for the folks working for me to have some time to grow.

First week back? Kitchen at HSQ, all day long. It’s been a while since we’ve done a comprehensive re-work of our recipes and techniques, so Rolando and I are focusing on that this week. Stories to follow. But more important, I’m hoping you’re tasting the improvements in coming days.

Happy to be back and see everybody!

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