What time is it?

By ayr May 22, 2011

This is something I’ve heard a bunch since we launched the beer. It’s this funny thing. When I was living in California it seemed like everybody had a beer or wine with lunch. Here everybody seems scared of it. East Coast : West Coast thing?

Whatever it is, people don’t seem shy about the beer in the evenings. We’re selling a lot more of this than we expected.¬†Beer is food, right?

We’re going to be serving the best beer we can get in from local brewers. We’re really excited about the beer scene in New England right now, have been doing a ton of research, and can’t wait to share it all with you. We’re going to feature a different brewer every 3-4 weeks. One beer at a time. $3/ cup.

We kicked things off with Peak Organic. I’m putting together the poster for our next beer right now, it’ll hit 31 May. (Sorry, restaurant only until Cambridge and Boston make some serious changes to laws regulating our food trucks : )

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