Chris’s raw muscle power

By ayr May 24, 2011

Our sink started linking days after we opened Harvard Square (HSQ). We called in the plumber. He fixed it a bunch of times then finally gave up and told us it was because we were pouring boiling water down the sink.

OK. But please tell me, how do you pour cooked chickpeas without boiling water hitting the drain? He told us that’s just how it is. I was pulling my hair out. Chris was calm.

We could do better. I bought some epoxy sealant, a rubber gasket, some silicone. I wasn’t sure which was going to work, but I knew we could fix this thing. Have you everopened a sink drain? There’s this drain piece that screws into the bottom of the sink tub. We unscrewed that piece, cleaned it really thoroughly, got rid of all of the plumber’s putty, and put a nice clean rubber washer in it’s place. This happened 2 months ago. I didn’t want to claim victory too early, but it’s looking good. I think Chris said something about offering his plumbing services to interested customers? Sometimes you need some muscle to work these things into place.

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